Kay2 Show with Arif Qazi | Mahi Sheikh(VJ) & Moez Khan(Singer) | Kay2 TV


Kay2 Show with Arif Qazi show is an entertainment show, comedy and songs are the strong points of the show, Arif Qazi subtle humor makes the show highly entertaining. Mehar Anjum soothing voice makes the show melodious, Comedy Skits make the show very entertaining. Show has different comedy characters, these characters are the backbone of the show. The show has a great reach on social media with is a testament of the fact that the content is very much liked by the viewers.
The second show is gifted based show, with the large audience in the studio, it has different segment from singing competition to poetry competition. Renowned singers are invited in the show as well. Arif Qazi steals the show with his vim and vigor and also galvanizes the
audience in the hall with his energy.

Guests :
1- Mahi Sheikh(VJ)
2- Moez Khan(Singer)

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